OpenStack IU and FutureGrid Users Group


we will be creating an OpenStack FutureGrid User Group to provide a mechanism for users, developers, and administrators to exchange ideas and to be able to participate in projects and development efforts.

To reach out to the community, I suggest we just use this Forum and can organize the topics and discussions this way. As this is a community effort, please let us know what you like to discuss and like to work on.

Our initial meeting will take place Friday May 4th 11am in the Innovation Center, 2719 E. 10th St., at Indiana University. However, we realize that you may be in a different location so we will provide a phone number to dial in as well as a video link.

Topics for discussion for the first meeting will be

  • What would you like to do as part of this group?
  • Is this a good meeting time? (If you can not attend, send me e-mail)
  • The status of OpenStack in FutureGrid and IU
  • Exploring the use of Puppet and Chef for OpenStack
  • Topics that you like to bring up

Happy Stacking,